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The amateur scientist collection
Tinkers Guild, CD-ROM.
"The Amateur Scientist" was a regular column of the "Scientific American" - and this CD-ROM contains all of them from to. Over 1000 highly interesting experiments in astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth science, mathematics and physics, plus articles on tools & techniques and some technical notes. This is really a treasure-house. Should run on any operating system - all HTML and Java. Order:
J. H. Moore, C. C. Davis, M. A. Coplan, S. Greer
Building scientific apparatus
Westview Press, 3rd edition 2002, 672 pages.
"A unique reference for the practical scientist": covers mechanical design, working with glass, vacuum technology, optics including lasers, charged particle optics (ion beams etc.), electronics, measurement and control of temperature. Each chapter closes with a list of manufacturers and suppliers (in the US).
The 2nd edition from 1989 is currently still available, but at nearly the same price as the new one.
P. Horowitz and W. Hill
The art of electronics
Cambridge University Press, 2nd edition 1989, 1125 pages.
A comprehensive introduction to and handbook of practical electronics. Lots of tricks and examples. One of the most popular textbooks on electronics, and a very useful reference. Order:

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